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Hygeia Dent is the first private dental service in the country set up within a hospital facility and one more guarantee within the oral facility.

Hygeia Dent Clinic

This clinic within the Hygeia Hospital also helps every patient with oral health. Hygeia Dent aims at promoting oral health as well as providing complex dental services and treatment of oral diseases through a specialized and high quality professional service. The laboratory equipment is inside the clinic, which closes the cycle of any process at the Hygeia clinic, where the patient is sufficient to show up and have a 360 ° service. Hygeia Dent clinic in Tirana, offers the whole spectre of dentistry at one place, 
We have our own laboratory that simplifies the communication between the patient, the dental technician and the doctor. We always keep up with the trends, and for this reason we offer our customer the highest quality. We use world-renowned equipment and materials, and the innovative technology offers our doctors a safer and more complete therapy plan, while patients are assured of a high level of quality and safety. Our staffalways keeps the pace with experts in the dental field at European and world level.

Hygeia Dent Team

Our staff at Hygeia Dent is among the best in their area of expertise, with more than 20 years of experience. To achieve this, we are improving ourselves on a regular basis, attending conferences, workshops and seminars on international levels. We do understand that a visit to the dentist is not always the most pleasant experience but we believe that a friendly approach can reduce the stress of the visit.

Dr. Roland Zhuka

Implantology / Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. Eliona Prifti


Dr. Kleant Leka

Endodonti / Cosmetic Dentistry

We provide a wide range of dental services

To do so, we use the best possible equipment and state of art procedures such as computer planned dental implants and restorations and 360-degree X-ray machines on site.

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Autostrada Tirane – Durres, KM 01, Hygeia Hospital, Tirana, Albania